30 March 2008

Natalie Turns 5!!

After much anticipation, our sweet little Natalie turned 5 on March 16th! She was so excited to have Nana and Pa Bryan and Grandma and Grandpa Slack come and visit her for the weekend and celebrate with her. She loves her grandparents. They are all very special to her. She was also looking forward to her "High School Musical" birthday party!

She invited all of her little friends and they played High School Musical Chairs, Pin the Hat on Ryan, Dressed up like Sharpay and danced to "Fabulous", made cute pink "fabulous" bags and had a picnic in the basement (to be like Gabriella and Troy who had a picnic on the golf course). They loved every minute of it!! She had a birthday cake that looked like a star for the party.On Sunday, her actual birthday, we went to church with grandparents and then came home to eat and celebrate. As you can see from this picture, Natalie was thrilled with her presents, especially a Disney princess art set.
We finished off the celebration with a lavender heart shaped birthday cake. Isn't just about every five year old girl's favorite colors pink and purple!? We love our Natalie. She spices up our life and brings a lot of fun and love to all of us. We're glad she's part of our family!!


Jill said...

Happy Birthday Natalie! I can't believe she is 5! Sounds like a very fun party. She must have a creative mom!

Elaine said...

Jenifer! I just stumbled upon your Blog!!! WOW, I cannot believe Natalie is 5 already!!! My gosh how time flies!