24 August 2008

Zach's First Race!

Zach has been running this summer. At first it was due to mom's encouragement and the incentive of a Border's gift card, but then he discovered that he really enjoyed it. He would run laps around the neighborhood and I would go with him on my bike with Elise in the child seat on the back.
Will ran along with Zach during his first 5K race in Flint, Michigan. Will was his running partner and cheerleader. They were excited before the race started.
I almost missed getting Will and Zach running by at the start of the race, but we cheered as they passed us by.
They finished!! Zach had hoped to go under 30 minutes, but was still happy with a 31 minute result. It was still his best time and great under the conditions, high 80's and very humid!!
Here are my two favorite boys!! They are all hot and sweaty, but glad to have run in a "real" race! (Is it just me, or does Will look more tired than Zach?) Like Father, like son!

21 August 2008

An "old" friend

Through a somewhat bizarre series of events, I was able to see my best friend from high school after almost 10 years. It was so awesome to see Ryan, pictured here with his little doll of a girl, Lilly, when we met up with his family in Ohio. It was great to spend the day and get all caught up on what's been happening in the last 10 years.
It was so fun to talk to Ryan and Laurel (sorry Laurel, the picture doesn't do you justice--bad angle, but it was the only one I had!) and I felt as comfortable with Ryan as if we'd always kept in touch. I think it's the sign of a true friend. I totally thought that Laurel was someone that I would have been friends with, even without the Ryan connection. It was fun to hear about how they got to know each other, where they've been, great books and Ryan's radiology stories.
Lilly and Elise were so cute playing together. Elise was definitely the more quiet one, while Lilly was the chatty one...but both very squeezable!
I thought that my mom and dad and siblings would love to see Ryan and his kids...Lilly (Elise's age), Tyler(9), Alison(4), and Malia(7). The kids had a great time together, and Zach and Tyler especially got along (much to Tyler's suprise!:)) and liked playing the Wii and talking about books.
Ryan and Laurel were such great hosts and we hope that we are able to return the favor when Ryan can pull himself away from work. Before we left, Zach said a prayer and was grateful we could see my "old" friend. I am, too!

Locks of Love

My totally cute, sweet Ashley is growing up and I have mixed feelings about it. She has been growing her hair out for several years and decided this summer, before middle school started, that she would cut it off and donate it to "Locks of Love".
We decided to take "before" pictures so that we could remember her long blond hair.
I don't know who was more nervous while she got it cut, her or me! Her face went a deep shade of red when she heard the snip, snip of the scissors, and I felt a little sad to see her little girl ponytail being cut off.
Here are her totally cute "after" pictures! The haircut turned out really nice and she and I were both really happy with it. Zach, in his tactful 9 year old boy way, told her that her new haircut made her look "chubby" (Ashley and I were betting he would say "you look wierd", "chubby" was something a little more creative). I completely disagree. She does look a lot more grown up, though, and that leaves me with mixed feelings. I'm excited for her to have new experiences, but a little sad to see my little girl grow up.
She's really becoming a beautiful young lady! I'm proud of her for donating her hair to such a good cause!