24 June 2008

Day at the Zoo

We had our first fieldtrip of the summer today! We spent the last week reading up on animals from the African grasslands and Kangaroos and Wallabies from Australia. Today we went to the Detroit Zoo and our favorite thing was feeding the giraffes!
The giraffe we got to feed was named "Shardo" and she had a very long, purple, sticky tongue that would wrap around the food we would give her.
Elise was really excited to feed her until the giraffe licked her and then she was a little surprised and pulled back.
What a cool experience! We also loved seeing the warthogs, rhinos, African dogs, lions, ostriches, zebras and hippos. We were fascinated by the aardvark and jumped when the black bears started to fight. It was funny to see the kangaroos lounging on their sides, propped up on their elbows like humans. The chimps and the gorillas were also fun. We'll go back later in the summer to see some of the other animals. It was Natalie and Elise's first visit to a zoo and they loved it!
This was a great way to start our summer vacation!


matt & tricia said...

cute cute cute!!!!!

Katie Petersen said...

Jennifer! Hey, it's Katie Petersen! :)
I just found your blog randomly. I think through the Enz. I'm not creepy though. You know that. :)
These pictures are great though and your kids are HUGE and BEAUTIFUL!
I hope all is well! :)

proudmama said...

I am so jealous about the giraffe!