18 June 2008

Time Out For Women

On the 30 and 31st of June, I went to Toronto for Deseret Book's Time Out for Women with some of my friends from church, Denise, Michelle and Ronna. In front of our hotel was this very kitchy and funny unicorn and we just had to take a picture in front of it! I thought they needed it to be connected to a rainbow and a pot of gold that would span across to the column behind it. Despite the unicorn, the hotel was actually very nice and contemporary (whew!!).
This was truly a weekend for filling our cups to overflowing!! One of my favorite parts was hearing Jenny Oaks Baker playing her violin for one amazing hour. It felt like heaven! I also loved hearing talks on service, feeling the spirit, leadership and having joy in our lives. One highlight was going into downtown Toronto to eat a late dinner at a very chic Thai restaurant, where as Ronna said, "Look, tablecloths you can't write on!" (Something appreciated by every mom that currently only eats at restaurants that provide kid menus and crayons!) It was the first time I had gone somewhere without kids and husband, and I had a great time and felt spiritually fed!

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