24 August 2008

Zach's First Race!

Zach has been running this summer. At first it was due to mom's encouragement and the incentive of a Border's gift card, but then he discovered that he really enjoyed it. He would run laps around the neighborhood and I would go with him on my bike with Elise in the child seat on the back.
Will ran along with Zach during his first 5K race in Flint, Michigan. Will was his running partner and cheerleader. They were excited before the race started.
I almost missed getting Will and Zach running by at the start of the race, but we cheered as they passed us by.
They finished!! Zach had hoped to go under 30 minutes, but was still happy with a 31 minute result. It was still his best time and great under the conditions, high 80's and very humid!!
Here are my two favorite boys!! They are all hot and sweaty, but glad to have run in a "real" race! (Is it just me, or does Will look more tired than Zach?) Like Father, like son!


lindygirl said...

Congratulations on a big race!
I didn't run my first race until I was probably 20 years older than you!!!!
I am very proud of my nephew! Oh and of Will too!

A Bunch of Roaches said...

So, I think I would look that sweaty after running...oh...about 2seconds. Good job guys!