24 May 2009

Father Son Camp Day 2

Some more good shots of Zach at BYU.....today was a long but very fun day.

Today started with camp meeting, soccer was next, then baseball, followed by golf and then ball handling before lunch.

After lunch we had a basketball video session. I actually learned something interesting there....BYU basketball doesn't get carte blanche access to the Marriott Center. They have to rent it out like everybody else. Because BYU has always had a big Christmas Around the World production in December (in the Marriott Center), BYU is forced to play most of their games in December away from the Marriott Center. A little bit of trivia for you.

After video we went to a contest session...contests consisted of lighting (the knockout game). Zach finished 4th out of 17 boys...I finished 6th out of the 15 Dads. We then had a free throw shooting contest...Zach hit 5 of 10 and I was actually in the running at 9 out of 10, then one of the last two Dads hit a perfect 10 of 10.
After contests we went to 5 on 5 basketball...considered a victory to not get hurt. One guy took an elbow, cut his chin open which required stitches!! This follows the day yesterday where a Dad broke his leg playing flag football!! All in good fun!

We finished the day with volleyball, then after dinner had a comedy improv. group for entertainment, followed by a camp movie - "Forever Strong". Very cool day.

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The Bryan Beat said...

It looks like you are having so much fun! I'm really glad you two are there and can experience this. I'm really glad you didn't get hurt!! Enjoy every minute of it! Love you!