24 May 2009

Father Son Camp Day 3

Sunday is a good day at camp.

We started out with the Breakfast of Champions - Krispy Kreme Donuts! That will do well for the training....although they balanced it with a yogurt so we are good!

After breakfast we boarded the buses for Temple Square for the Music and the Spoken Word Program followed by a Sacrament meeting in the Assembly Hall.

We got to see Debby, she was right in the middle of the 4th row from the bottom. The program was very cool - a Memorial Day Tribute. Senator Orrin Hatch was there....in fact he attended Sacrament Meeting as well and sat in the row next to us.

Sacrament Meeting had Coach Rose speaking followed by the former YM General President Charles Dahlquist. He gave a great talk on Heroes, being prepared, etc.
After Sacrament meeting we boarded the buses again to eat lunch at This is the Place Heritage Park, then made the trek back to the Dorms at BYU.
Zach and I then took a walk around the track, the football stadium and the baseball stadiums. After the rain in the morning, it turned out to be a great sunny day.

For some of you, you will also recognize someone in the picture here....for people in the singles branch in Indianapolis and the Indianapolis Stake, we ran into Jason Hammond and his son Brayden who were also attending the camp. It has been fun catching up with them.


The Bryan Beat said...

That sounds like such a fun day! When I told Ashley about it, she asked me, "When do I get to go to Utah?" It's fun to see a picture of Jason Hammond. Love you!

Amy said...

This is awesome Will and Zach! I'm glad you had a great week together! Glen and I have enjoyed looking at your posts from BYU.
Aunt Amy

Nicole said...

Wow, Zach looks the same as 2 years ago - oh wait - this post is 2 years old :) He still is cute. Can't wait to see him at the end of the month.