15 February 2008

Ashley's 5th grade Concert - 11 February 2008

Hi everyone! We've been inspired by fellow family members to start a blog and become "high tech"! :) Here is a picture of Ashley during her little solo in her 5th grade concert. She was awesome and sounded great! We were very proud of her! She is growing up so fast.


lindygirl said...

Congratulations on your first of many solos! You look so cute!
Aunt Sarah

proudmama said...

Ashley is so talented in many different ways!

Grandpa said...

Great looking family!! Must be in the genes of the grandparents!

Dad and Mom B

debbysing said...

Hi Ashley!! I wish I could have heard you and your class sing!! As you know I hear ALOT of singing!! When I was teaching in the elementary schools--we taught the 5th graders alot of songs about the Fifty, Nifty United States. Keep Singing!!
Love, Aunt Debby

Jill said...

Oh my...how can Glen and Ashley be so grown up! She is beautiful!