18 February 2008

Getaway to Wheels Inn, Chatam, Ontario, Canada - 18 February 2008

Ontario, Canada had a National Family Day which corresponded with our President's Day. We decided to take a last minute excursion into Canada, and went to a place called Wheels Inn. This was an indoor playland about one hour into Canada after crossing from Detroit into Windsor, Ontario, Canada. The first picture was in a restaurant at Wheels Inn...called, you guessed it, "The Tree House restaurant". This was a very cool place actually and the tree was a very old Elm tree. The second picture is of Natalie bowling. Part of the package we found was a free game of bowling. Natalie had a blast using this contraption built for younger kids (although I must say I wanted to try it myself). The day getaway was a big success as the place had indoor miniature golf, carnival rides, ping pong, shuffleboard and a small pool. All in all, a good time, which is quite surprising given the fact that the place was out in the middle of nowhere. Very flat land and the stunning view we had outside of our hotel window was a grain silo and railroad tracks! We also got very little sleep due to the paper thin walls and the many kids jumping up and down in rooms...having a grand time during the "National Family Day"!


lindygirl said...

Looks like a fun family day!

proudmama said...

Sounds very fun! I wish that I could use that contraption when I go bowling. Might save some embarrasment.