22 February 2008

Curious Elise

Zach had gone to a Whalers Ice Hockey game tonight and had tons of fun. He even got to go into the locker room and 16 of the players signed his poster.

The rest of us decided to go to Potbellies for dinner (great sandwiches and shakes). They often have live music and tonight there was a young guy singing and playing the guitar. He was really, really good and we all loved listening to him. Elise was so fascinated by the guitar and the singing that she wouldn't take her eyes off of him, and would even lean way over to see him if someone got in the way! Will took this picture of her with his Blackberry, you can see she's eating her chip but very, very curious! It was a relaxing dinner. Just what I needed!!


proudmama said...

Elise makes me smile. She must have inherited the love of music from all her musical grandmas.

Grandpa said...

she may be interested in the singer but it also seems she is not forgetting her food.
spoon in one hand and cracker in the other.