09 October 2008

First day of school!! 9/2/08

Today was a big day for Ashley. The first day of middle school!!! She was so excited and cute and had a great day. She is just thriving in her new environment.
Natalie and Zach are my elementary school kids. Today was Zach's first day of 4th grade. He told us that his new teacher, Mr. McMaster is pretty strict, but that he thinks he'll be good.
Natalie LOVED kindergarten! She has been so ready for school to start! She came home telling us that her teacher is Mrs. S'more (can you tell we just went camping?). Her real name is Mrs. Moore.
Natalie didn't want to let go of Zach getting on the bus! He was a good protective older brother and showed her the ropes.
Natalie was so happy coming off of the bus. Kindergarten has been so much fun. Natalie is so sad when it is a weekend. She doesn't want to miss a single minute of it. When was the last time you were sad to see the weekend come? (When you were in Kindergarten, maybe?)

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A Bunch of Roaches said...

All of your kids looked so nice for the first day of school. I think Natalie is so cute to love school that much.