15 October 2008

Yay for Number 2!

My sweet little blessing, Elise, turned two years old on October 11th. She spent the day going from soccer game to soccer game. Here she is with her best little friend, Lizzie.
We decided that we needed to do something other than drag her along to everyone's soccer games, so inbetween, we went to Three Cedars Farm. I was so sad that I forgot the camara!!! She had fallen asleep when we got there and so totally missed the hayride out to the pumpkin patch, but did wake up in time to choose the cutest tiny pumpkin. I think that she was totally jostled on the hayride back, but did manage a few smiles in between looks of concern. She loved drinking cider and eating donuts, though, when we were done with our hayride.
After the last soccer game, we went out to Red Robin (kind of a family birthday tradition). She LOVED getting a great big ice cream sundae and put up with the waiters and waitresses singing to her.
Elise loved opening presents, and the kids were so happy with her reaction to the presents they picked out.

That night we went to a friends house to watch the BYU game, and I made her this crayon box cake, since one of her favorite things is to color. It was gone very quickly!

It's hard to believe, two years later, how hard it was to get her here to earth. It was not easy, but so worth the pain and suffering!! She is definitely a light in our life!


A Bunch of Roaches said...

I love sweet little Elise. She is a treasure. Happy Birthday!

lindygirl said...

Cute birthday cake! Elise is such a blessing and a sweetie.