09 October 2008

Labor Day Vacation 2008!

What a crew! We had a great Labor Day camping trip with Mom and Dad, Michelle and Sarah and Jeremy's family! We especially loved swimming in Rousch Lake. We made a chain of people on floaties. The kids loved it!
Zach and Brayden spent a lot of time on Aunt Michelle's air mattress (who would have thought?) and never wanted to get off.
I had to show proof that I was actually there!!
Natalie and Rachel loved hanging on to Grandpa's toes and dragging him around.
The kids really loved camping! We hadn't gone for many years and after this I'm sure we will be going more than once next summer. They loved our monstrous tent, hanging out with cousins, attempting to light a fire with real flint and steel and carving anything they could get their hands on with pocket knives. One of my favorite memories was going mountain biking with Will and Jeremy, Ashley and Zach, and Brayden and David. I had Elise in the child seat on my bike. It was hard work, but there were really fantastic views!!
Elise loved playing with her big sister, Ashley!
Natalie always has a good time as long as she has someone to play with!
These two boys couldn't be closer if they were blood brothers. They have such a good time hanging out together!
The three cute little girls have a sandy lunch by the beach.
What fun to have Aunt Michelle come play with all of the nieces and nephews and teach us all the most fun camp songs! I think that will be one of my kids favorite memories!
I have such a great family!! Hopefully next time, we'll be able to have more of the family join us!

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