24 July 2008

The end of a great soccer season!

Zach had a really fun soccer season this year, with Will as the head coach again. They had their best season yet and ended up with an 8-0 record. Undefeated!! They all really improved and had a really good time. They are a great bunch of boys and the parents are all really great, too.
Natalie had fun playing soccer, but probably most of the fun came from waving at the crowd and rolling down the hill in between. She was awfully cute!
Will coached her team, too, and learned not to get frustrated when Natalie was too busy looking at the crowd to notice where the soccer ball was! He did a great job.
Zach's team had an end of the season barbeque, where they presented Will with a ball they had all signed. It was a really good experience for both Will and Zach.

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