28 July 2008

Our Fun Fourth of July!

A vacation with the Herveys just wouldn't be complete without Robert making us his fantastic ribs! We went to Meramac State Park where Robert and Amy were great hosts. They knew just the right places to go and what to do. Roberts ribs were heaven, even for me (and I'm not a big rib eater) and Zach couldn't have been happier.

Has anyone seen Glen or Zach!?
The kids had so much fun playing! I loved just hanging out with family and talking with mom and dad, Amy and Robert and Will. Elise is a mommy's girl and never strayed far from my side.
Afton and Ashley made a very cool fort, but come to think of it, I never saw any kid ever actually go inside it. Of course we had to make the best of the typical brother/sister rivalry and play boys against girls in capture the flag.
We brought our stomp rockets, and I don't know who had more fun doing it- the kids or the adults! I think that Ashley was the best at getting them to go really far, but I think that there at the end Will was catching up. Grandpa liked the hand-held rockets, and Mom and I had a good laugh acting like kids and shooting each other with the squeeze rockets.
We ended our picnic with a great game of softball, and it was fun to see that I could still hit the ball. Will and Grandpa hit home runs every time. We had to remind Ashley and Zach that it was all in good fun when they got a little too competitive!
We all watched fireworks together in a little tiny town and loved spending time together. We sure wish we could see the Herveys more often. It was a great 4th! Happy Birthday America!

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