25 July 2008

Fun in Indianapolis

My sister, Sarah, and I enjoy spending time together. I also love hanging out with my sisters Michelle and Christine who were also there, but were busy chasing kids. We took all of our kids to "Jump and Play" where the kids were in heaven. I loved snuggling my cute little nephew!

Zach, David, Ashley and Brayden are cousins that have a really great time together. They wish they lived closer and could hang out more often.
My cute nephew, Garrett, never stopped running, jumping and sliding. This was a perfect playground for a little boy who's autism makes this kind of environment heaven!
Natalie and Rachel are our two little princesses. They wouldn't believe anyone who told them otherwise!!
Elise loved going up and down the bouncy blow ups, especially with big sister, Ashley. Here she was brave enough to go down on her own.

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Jill said...

Oh, I wish I would have known you were here. I would love to see you. Hope you had a great visit!