27 July 2008

Swimming in Missouri

We had so much fun visiting the Herveys the first weekend in July!! It was so much fun for cousins that don't see each other very often to spend time together. We went swimming in nearby Union, and because of the threat of rain, had the pool nearly to ourselves. Since Kristine and Natalie were the most timid in the water, they were a perfect pair (and so cute, too!).
Glen and Zach were so glad to have a boy somewhat close to their age to hang out with, especially since they are both always surrounded by sisters! They got along great!
Ashley and Afton were inseperable! They are both so cute and interested in the same things, and only a month and a half apart in age.
Hollis is quite a little swimmer and showed us her great backstroke. She a little smartie, too!
Elise and Will had a great time together as well. Elise loved the slide and went on it over, and over, and over. Amy and I loved spending time together, too. I have such great sisters, who are also my best friends. Her little Will is cute enough to steal a few hearts!


Amy said...

That sure was a blast, and what adorable children we have!

The Bryan Beat said...

that was reaaaaalllly fun! i am glad i got to see afton and everybody!