11 April 2008

3rd Day:Part two (Jamestown)

The afternoon of March 23rd we went to Jamestown Settlement, a living history museum that focuses on the history of the Powhatan Indians and has a recreation of the Jamestown fort. This was one of our favorite experiences of the trip. We went on a tour and were able to sit in a Powhatan wigwam and learn about Indian life. The kids had a great time poking holes with sticks in the ground to simulate planting crops and scraping hair off of hides that were stretched out on poles.
During our tour in and around the recreated Jamestown fort, Zach got a closer look at a fishhook made from bone and learned about the challenges of building a settlement in an untamed and unknown land.
The kids also learned how log canoes were made by slowly burning the inside of a log and then using water and a scraper to scrape out the ash and hollow out the canoe. I love this picture of Ashley!
Zach was in heaven when we were able to explore the rebuilt ships, Discovery, Godspeed and Susan Constant. He has always loved ships and this was like a dream come true! We couldn't keep up with him as he explored the captain's quarters and tried out his bunk, moved the rudder, peered into the big cooking cauldron, tried out the cannons and touched and tried out everything in every nook and cranny!
As we were leaving, we stopped for a family picture in a hollowed out canoe. We had a great time and learned a lot! That evening we ate dinner at "Huzzah!" again and then went back to the room where Will and Zach enjoyed watching the NCAA basketball tournament. Every night before we went to sleep we would sing together as a family "If the Savior Stood Beside Me" and then said our family prayers. It brought the spirit into our room and was a great way to end the day!

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