11 April 2008

Day two: Our Spring Break Trip

Saturday, March 22nd, we spent the day immersed in History in Williamsburg, VA. We especially enjoyed tours of the Governor's palace and the Capitol Building. It made history come alive to think that we were walking where Thomas Jefferson, George Washington and Patrick Henry had walked! Ashley is currently studying the American Revolution in school, so it was very interesting for her. I had checked out a lot of books from the library about the Revolution and the prominent individuals involved so the rest of us could also review the history. It made our visit a lot more meaningful.
We really loved the interactive show that took place, called "Revolutionary City", near the Capitol. Here we are posing with Patrick Henry's character. The kids had a great time booing when "Long live the King" was shouted and giving their best "Huzzah!" for the Patriots.
We ate lunch at the King's Arm Tavern and were served by waiters and waitresses in period costume. The dishes we were served on were beautiful. We loved watching the fife and drum core march by after we ate. Elise had more fun going up and down the steps than paying any attention to history!:)
The kids were fascinated to see a sheep sheared with scissors, a very long process! We finished up the day eating dinner at "Huzzah!", a pizza restaurant right next to our new hotel, which was more centrally located next to the Williamsburg Visitor's Center.

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This is definitely the most effective and interesting way to study history.