28 April 2008

Our Sweet Elise

Our sweet little Elise shines as she is dressed up by Natalie to be a fairy. She is a good sport and goes along with whatever game Natalie wants to play. She will miss Natalie so much when she goes to school in the fall!
One day, I realized that it had been a little too quiet in the house and went looking for Elise. I found her sitting on the table eating her favorite cereal, Oatmeal Squares.
One of my favorite phases of all little kids is the "try on everyone's shoes" phase. Elise came walking out of my room with my work-out shoes on.
Today, I went to get Elise out of her high chair and found that she had fallen asleep. Can you tell she had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and a chocolate chip cookie for lunch?
Elise was so excited to hold her tiny little cousin, Jason Roach (only a day old!), at the hospital. She was so sweet and gentle and loved to softly pat his fuzzy hair and give little kisses. We are so happy to have this little child of God in our home. It was such a rough road to get her here, I always say that we prayed this child to earth, and every day I am grateful that she arrived healthy and that she fills our home with love!

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Aunt Michelle said...

Yes, Elise is quite a cutie!