11 April 2008

Day three: Part One (EASTER)

Easter came early this year, March 23rd, and we were glad that we were enjoying it in the beautiful spring time weather of Virginia, rather than searching for Easter Eggs in the snow of Michigan! This morning, the hotel had an Easter Egg Hunt for the children staying at the hotel. They had the Easter Bunny in the lobby with a basket holding a real white bunny for the kids to pet. They all loved it. Elise was a little scared at first and then once she touched it, she didn't want to stop.
The Easter Egg Hunt took place on the beautiful grounds of the hotel. The hotel provided little Easter baskets for all of the children. As soon as Zach and Ashley heard the word "Go!" they were off and running! Natalie wasn't too far behind. Will, Elise and I had a great time watching. It didn't take long for all of the eggs to be collected!
I was very proud of Ashley and Natalie who each gave one of their eggs to a little girl who came to the Hunt too late and missed finding any eggs. Zach was cute in his tricorner hat that he bought in Williamsburg the day before. I don't think it left his head for the rest of the trip, except at church and when he was sleeping! Elise was given a basket at the end of the trip and felt like a big girl walking around holding one like her big sisters.
We attended the Williamsburg Ward of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints that afternoon. When I arrived, I asked the man who was handing out the programs if he knew of a lady named, June Newago, whom my father had baptised many years ago when he was serving in the Eastern Atlantic States Mission. He said that he did, and that she would probably be attending that day!! It was so exciting when after Sacrament Meeting, he introduced me to the now 74 year old June Newago! It was so awesome to see that she was still faithful and active. We got her email address and took pictures. What a great way to celebrate Easter, and the new life Jesus Christ has made possible for all of us if we repent and come unto Him!

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proudmama said...

That sounds like a very memorable Easter. I did not know you got to meet June Newago. That is very neat!