28 April 2008

A cute new cousin to love!

Ashley is all smiles when she gets to hold her tiny new cousin, Jason Scott Roach, born Saturday, April 19th. We were so glad that he decided to be born the weekend that we were visiting in Indianapolis!
Zach has always had a soft spot for babies and cute/funny toddlers. Holding his new cousin is a real treat.
Natalie was sick and couldn't hold Jason. She was so sad until I promised her that the next time that we were in Indianapolis, she would be the first to hold him and would get to hold him the longest!
Look, he's an old pro!

Aunt Christine looking refreshed as I've ever seen a new mom, enjoying her much needed holiday from life in a hospital where her every need was attended to. Too bad we all have to return to real life sometime! :) Elise was an adoring cousin.

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Aunt Michelle said...

SOOO cute! Jason looks so cute and happy with Ashley. I am sad Natalie couldn't hold him, but she still posed so pretty in the picture! Zach looks pretty happy too. Oh, and could the picture with Elise, Christine, & Jason be any cuter????