01 May 2008

Pinewood Derby-Best of Show!

Zach worked very hard on his 1st Pinewood Derby car, with help from Dad,
Grandpa and Mom. There were many glitches in production, but the end result was a pretty cool car. His fellow Cub Scouts were very impressed with the flames coming out of the tail pipes! Will was in Miami for a conference but didn't want to miss this very important event, so he flew here for the Pinewood Derby and then flew back to Miami the following morning. Zach was very glad to have his Dad here to cheer for him.
Zach had his car's number painted on his face by the Cubmaster. He was so excited for the races. Our goal was that the car stay together on its trip down the track, and that the car wouldn't be the last one. The first part of the goal was met! Zach felt a little disappointed when his car came in last 4 of the 5 runs (the 5th run he tied for 4th), but he was a good sport!
All was well, though, at the end, when his fellow scouts voted his car "Best of Show"! That helped bring a smile to his face! We love our little Scout and are so proud of the great kid he is becoming!

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Grandpa said...

Great Trophy Zach! The car looks like it is going 60 mph just sitting still.

Grandpa B