19 May 2008

Ashley turns 11 on 5-15-08!

Our wonderful Ashley turned 11 today and celebrated her birthday by having a party at the Putting Edge, a glow in the dark miniature golf place. She had a great time!
Ashley and her friends had a fun time playing miniature golf and eating pizza. They also had a great time decorating picture frames (highlight markers glow in black lights). Zach invited a friend and they had a good time together.
We had our own little family celebration after her birthday party and the kids loved giving her the gifts they had made or bought with their own money.
We let Ashley stay up very late tonight. She was born at 11:11 pm, so we let her stay up and we took a picture of her when she turned 11 at 11:11 pm. After all, it will only happen once! She thought that was really awesome. We are so glad to have Ashley in our family. She is a very gifted writer, loves to read, play piano and be with friends. She loves sports and her family and is a good big sister. We all benefit from her creativity and caring. We love to watch how her testimony is growing and she is developing a more mature relationship with Heavenly Father. She is a blessing to our family!

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