24 May 2008

Zach and Dad checked in at BYU!!

The Bryan boys have arrived at BYU - Dad's old stomping grounds. It has been fun reminiscing. We are in staying in Stover Hall. Stover is right next to Taylor Hall, which is where I spent my Freshman year. Stover is now the guys hall and Taylor the girls hall (it was the reverse when I was here - just in case anyone had any doubts!).

Tonight was fun, we had dinner (all u can eat) and then went for orientation in the Smith Fieldhouse. BYU's coach, Dave Rose, introduced the camp. Most of his team is helping out as counselors. We have Lee Cummard, Chris Miles, Jonathon Tavinieri, etc. here. There are also several former players at the camp with their sons....Brian and Kevin Santiago, Mike Hall, Brock Richener, Terry Nashif (also now an assistant coach). Another really cool thing is Gary Scheide, the first in a long line of great BYU quarterbacks is also here helping out at the camp.

After orientation we went to several drill locations....ballhandling, video and contests. Ballhandling was fun as Chris Miles (BYU's 6'10'' center) came over and talked with Zach and I, and then dunked for us! The last rotation of the night was contests - we played lightning, a free throw shooting contest and a three point contest.

The cool thing about this camp is the fathers and sons do everything together, and it is not just basketball. Over the next several days we will be playing baseball, punt, pass and kick, frisbee golf, etc. Tonight was all basketball, though, and Zach did real well. He hit 4 of 10 from the free throw line which I thought was quite good. I managed to hit 7 of 10, which was not good enough as there was a Dad that hit 10 of 10....the highest son was 6. During the 40 second three point contest, Zach managed 2 from the free throw line and I hit five from "beyond the arc". It was fun. We are grouped with 7-8 year old boys with their Dads.

Well, tomorrow is a new adventure....signing off!

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Grandpa said...

If Zach fixed my breakfast of Wheaties and Milk, would that count towards his Cub Scout requirement?
It looks as if you are having a great time!
Pa Bryan