27 May 2008

BYU Father/Sons Final Day

Well, Zach and I finished up our Father/Son campl this morning. Hopefully you enjoy these pictures and one movie clip.

The last day was filled with flag football, basketball, soccer and baseball.

The pictures you see are Zach and I by the Brigham Young statue after the Devin Durrant fireside; some basketball shots, including a video shot - a very successful one as Zach finished off a three-man weave with a bucket! Finally, Zach in the baseball game.

We had an absolute blast! Nicole gave us a ride up to Salt Lake to meet my sister - thanks Nicole!! We then spent the rest of the day with Debby, Todd, Tricia, Matt, Olivia and Gavin. We saw Prince Caspian at the Gateway theaters in Salt Lake and then went up to Debby's to have dinner and celebrate Todd's birthday! The big 24 for Todd! We had a good time and Olivia and Zach seem to hit it off very well!

Well, tomorrow is an early start (6 a.m. flight) and then back to reality!!

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