19 May 2008

Mother's Day-Honoring Grandma

Mother's Day was a day that we spent celebrating the life of Gertrude Gelder Bryan, Will's grandmother, who lived a wonderful life of 101 years on this earth and left us all a legacy to be proud of. Highlights for me were, Will's dedicatory prayer at the gravesite, Debby's musical number, our children singing I am a child of God, and memories of Grandma. The whole service was a beautiful tribute to her life. Below is a picture of her surviving grandchildren: Al, Cindy, Ann, Will, Melissa, Val and Debby.
One of the nice touches to the day were little remembrances of her legacy, like the beautiful stockings she knitted for all of her family members. Also, Cindy brought some examples of her delicious Christmas cookies, and we all enjoyed chocolate truffles- one of Grandma's weaknesses! What a wonderful lady! Our children are so lucky to have known her and to have her love as an example.

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