04 May 2008

Book of Mormon Family Night

Tonight, we had a special Book of Mormon Family Night. We read the Book of Mormon daily as a family, early in the morning, and we have only two chapters left. Since we would be finishing this week, we thought that it would be fun to see how much we had learned. My sister, Amy, sent us a great FHE idea with a Book of Mormon timeline. It was Natalie's turn to give the lesson and so I helped her hang dates along the walls and find the Gospel Art Picture Kit pictures from the Book of Mormon. She gave the pictures to all of us and we had to look up the dates that they occured and then briefly tell the story on the picture. When we were finished, Ashley remarked how it was so cool that we could see how everything related. I think that she had an "Ah-hah!" moment! It was great. Elise loved doing all of the actions to "Book of Mormon" stories so much that we sang it for both opening and closing songs. It was a great review of all the wonderful things that we have learned this year.
Ashley was in charge of the treat and she made cookies all by herself for the first time! She made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and they turned out delicious and very chocolatey! We are proud of how she is growing up!

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Grandpa said...

Looks like a great lesson from Natalie and great cookies made by Ashley. See you next weekend