19 May 2008

Mothers Day-I'm a lucky mom!

Mother's Day 2008 we spent in Springfield, IL where we had traveled to participate in Grandma Bryan's Memorial Service. Even though it was an unusual Mother's Day, Will and the kids still worked hard to make me feel special. Will gave me raquet balls and raquet, and a pair of capris (cute! I was impressed). He's going to teach me to play raquet ball. The kid's gave me the movie "Enchanted" and Chicken Soup for the Mother and Daughter's Soul. I have such a wonderful family. They all made me feel very special today with their beautiful homemade cards and hugs and kisses! I love being a wife and mother and wouldn't trade it for the world!!
One very cool thing we did today was to go to the Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum. It was a powerful experience and I would strongly recommend it to anyone! I was particularly struck with the adversity Abraham Lincoln encountered and the tragedy he suffered, and yet he was strong enough to make extremely hard decisions ruled by his concience. He was not a popular president until after his death and never felt the love and appreciation we all feel for him today. Here we are taking a picture with the life size models of his family.

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